We will now be offering a reward-based loyalty program to our customers as a way of showing gratitude for faithful attendance of our theater. It will be called the Rocky Top Loyalty Club (RTLC), and members will be able to earn points for every dollar spent on tickets and concessions, and upon the accumulation of points be able to receive discounted concessions and other benefits that are in the making.


General Information about RTLC:

  • For every dollar spent at our theater, a member will earn 10 points.
  • Upon the accumulation of 1000 points, members will receive $10 off the next concessions purchase (That’s 10% back on every dollar spent!)

 Signing up for RTLC:

  • To become a member of our Loyalty club, customers can conveniently sign up by CLICKING HERE
  • Once they have completed the sign up, they can return to any POS and provide their name, phone number, or email address to be given their RTLC card that will be swiped with every transaction to keep track of their points.
  • In order to manage account information, members can CLICK HERE, where they can also track their points earned and other information regarding their RTLC account.

Groups & Field Trips

At the Rocky Top 10 Cinema, it’s easy to treat all your VIPs to the best seat in the house. Whether you are trying to impress a business client, treating staff to a great night out, creating a larger-than-life birthday party or showing your students the wonders of the world, the Rocky Top 10 Cinema provide a fantastic alternative to traditional group venues.

Make your child feel like a star by having a birthday party at the Rocky Top 10 Cinema.  We offer films that are perfect entertainment for all ages! Consider enhancing your meeting with a larger-than-life Experience.

What ever the purpose of your group event, Rocky Top 10 Cinema is the venue for you! Goto Group Bookings and book your trip!


PGRateMovie ratings provide parents with advance information about the content of films, so they can determine what movies are appropriate for their young children to see. Movie ratings do not determine whether a film is “good” or “bad.” They simply provide basic information to parents about the level of various elements in the film. By providing clear, concise information, movie ratings provide timely, relevant information to parents.

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